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Quality Testing

The testing capabilities of Superior Tube meet most external standards depending on individual customer specifications and applications.

Mechanical Corrosion Dimensional Weld Integrity Microstructure Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Miscellaneous
Tensile (ASTM A370 & E8) Intergranular Attack (ASTM A262 Practices A, C, and E/F & G28 Methods A and B) Outside Diameter (3-axis laser micrometer (localized and continuous), air gage, ring gage, hand-held micrometer) Flatten (ASTM A1016) Metallographic (ASTM E3 & E407) Eddy Current  (ASTM E426, MIL-STD-2132) Hydrostatic Pressure Test
Hardness (Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop) (ASTM A370) Passivity (ASTM A380) Inside Diameter (Air gage, plug gage, optical) Flange (ASTM A1016 & B751) Grain size (ASTM E112) Ultrasonic (ASTM E213, ASME Section III, MIL-STD-2132) Burst Test
Surface Roughness (ANSI B.46) Wall Thickness (Ultrasonic (localized and continuous), hand-held micrometer, optical, dial indicator) Reverse Flatten (ASTM A1016 & B751) Carburization (ASTM A262 Practice A) Dye Penetrant (ASTM E165) Under Water Air Pressure test
Length & Perpen-dicularity (Post or beam fixture w/dial indicator, calibrated rule) Reverse Bend (ASTM A1016 & B751) Surface Condition test per MIL-T-8606

Videoscope and borescope inspection of tube ID

Positive Material Identification (Alloy Identify Verification)