At Superior Tube we aim to work with our customers in a way that completely satisfies their requirements – from the quality of the products we manufacture, through to the services we offer. To achieve this, we work in accordance with a far-reaching Quality Policy.

Our aims are to:

  • Maintain a safe, clean and environmentally friendly workplace
  • Reduce yield loss, scrap and reworking, with the motto ‘First Time Through Quality’
  • Advance our business processes to ensure we always deliver on time
  • Improve productivity utilizing the Pull System
  • Develop, train and engage our employees
  • Optimize our machinery through OEE – overall equipment effectiveness
  • Improve the effectiveness of our quality management system

Our Quality Policy is part of the daily communication that goes on within Superior Tube. Throughout our tube mill, our staff monitor quality on an on-going basis. Its importance is regularly communicated via weekly and monthly employee meetings, emails, bulletin board notices, internal promotions, and so on. Quality is also a core component of our management review.

Your Contacts
Bill Keohane
Director, Quality & New Product Development
  +1 610.324.3516

CJ Mukherjee
Director, Process Engineering & Metallurgy
  +1 610.489.5371