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Different size cathode fabrication with bundles of seamless nickel tubing produced in Superior’s “Electronic” mill.


From a modest beginning in 1934, Superior rapidly grew to a commanding position in its field. Superior supplied fine, small metal tubing to companies, universities, research institutions, and entrepreneurs whose work and products would change the world. Early technological advancements in radio and broadcasting, aeronautics, atomic energy, and medicine led to a broad array of applications for Superior’s tubing. With every technological advance, Superior adjusted itself to the new needs created, leading to significant expansion of manufacturing facilities and numerous patents.

Superior's customers (and by direct extension, its tubing) were in many cases directly associated with historical “firsts”: The Manhattan Project, where mankind first learned to harness the energy of the atom. The USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered vessel. The Bell X-1, in which Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the sound barrier. And the Apollo Project, which put the first man on the moon.

Superior’s manufacturing staff, metallurgist, and engineers continue to collaborate with customers to consult, develop, and improve on specification for existing and new products, and to reach new and exciting frontiers.