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Heart Valves

At Superior Tube we're proud of the way our precision tubes are used to help save lives. Welded and seamless tubes we've manufactured are used for specialized products across the medical device industry.

For instance, transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a promising new treatment for patients with severe aortic stenosis - a narrowing of the heart valve - who are not ideal candidates for traditional open-heart surgery. Because the replacement valve can be implanted using techniques that are far less intrusive than open-heart surgery, patients with TAVR usually experience a much more rapid recovery than they normally would.

On the other hand, more traditional valve replacement surgery might employ our pericardial stented tissue heart valves. These implants help blood flow naturally and offer excellent hemodynamic performance. They are designed for optimal performance and long-term durability.

Superior Tube is an industry leader in the manufacture of implant-grade tubing for TAVR and other treatments. We are committed to innovating for the healthcare industry, and improving patients' lives.

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