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The Superior Tube premises in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA.


A global leader in the manufacture of small diameter precision tubing, Superior Tube produces high performance tubular products from premium quality raw materials. From aerospace to power stations, and oil and gas extraction to medicine, our tubes are used in a range of industries, and have improved quality of life for millions of people around the world.

A Tradition of Excellence 
Founded in 1934, Superior Tube has a proven track record in innovation and creativity. Our approach has led to groundbreaking new technologies, and amazing new products. We were pioneers in the manufacture of the precision nickel tubing used in cathode ray tubes, and hypodermic needles. Superior Tube was the first precision tube mill to draw titanium and niobium products, and we manufactured the tubing used in the first cardiac stent implants. This commitment has driven Superior Tube to its current standing as a world leader in small diameter tubing.

Quality. Reliability. Performance.
Because of the innovative culture within our company, customers around the world turn to Superior Tube for high quality tubes that excel in conditions where failure is not an option. And we continue to set new standards in terms of quality, reliability and performance across the precision tubes industry. From initial design through to material selection, production and certification, we work with our customers to develop tubing for the most demanding applications, whether that’s in space, under the sea or inside the human body.

Engineering Expertise
Based in Collegeville, PA, what’s unique about our tube mill is that we can manufacture both seamless and welded tubes in a wide range of stainless steel, nickel, titanium and zirconium alloys. This gives our customers a whole range of options, and you can choose between straight lengths or coils. When a new engineering solution requires a specialty precision tubing product, our team will do everything within their power to meet and surpass your expectations. Superior Tube brings together the best people and the latest technologies to take on the toughest challenges.