Growing demand for seamless for Fine Tubes and Superior Tube

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fine Tubes and Superior Tube have seen an increasing demand for seamless tubes across their range of markets. These high performance tubes have become the favoured option for customers when specifications require high performance, high pressure resistance or a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Seamless tubes are a smart choice for many applications. One example is the aerospace industry, where hydraulic tubing systems made of high-strength but light weight alloys have to withstand pressures up to 5,000psi keeping the biggest aircrafts in the air whilst fulfilling safety and efficiency demands. Another example is the oil and gas industry for which tubing has to be corrosion-resistant, durable and perform in extremely hostile environments where failures could result in catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, the underlying quality systems have to be particularly robust. Both companies hold ISO 9001 certifications as well as a wide range of industry and specific customer approvals. These certifications and approvals are supported by extensive in-house capabilities for metallographic testing, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing, some destructive testing, and visual and dimensional inspection.

UK- based Fine Tubes and US- based Superior Tube, both units of Ametek Specialty Metal Products, have a proven history of manufacturing high quality tubing for a wide range of demanding applications in energyaerospaceoil and gas and medical industries. Both companies have seen a strong growth in key markets and more than two thirds of that growth was represented by precision tubes in seamless form in 2016. Fine Tubes and Superior Tube have the facilities, experience and qualifications to manufacture these tubes in a range of stainless steelnickel, titanium and zirconium alloys.

Next to Fine Tubes and Superior Tube, the AMETEK Specialty Metal Products division also includes four other metal experts: Hamilton Precision Metals, AMETEK Wallingford, AMETEK Eighty Four, and Reading Alloys. Collectively, they represent a world-leading force not just in precision tubing but also in precision strip, wire and foil, specialty metal powders, and clad metals.