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AMETEK Engineered Materials, Interconnects & Packaging Announces Inaugural Finance & Engineering Internship Program

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

AMETEK’s division Engineered Materials, Interconnects & Packaging is proud to announce its first year of their Finance and Engineering summer internship program. The program welcomed nine candidates, selected from a competitive group of applicants from targeted universities.

All nine interns were placed with the Finance and Engineering departments across four business units within the division.

During the program, each intern has had the opportunity to learn hands-on skills in a dynamic manufacturing environment. To provide additional guidance and support, each intern was also paired with a mentor, to ensure they were fully integrated into the business.

Gabrielle Spezia, Human Resources Manager for AMETEK Components & Wire and the internship coordinator for the division program commented, “We are excited to have a well-equipped class of interns on board this summer. We have specifically recruited students of a high academic caliber that showed enthusiasm to delve into the professional world. We have selected a class of interns with exceptional communication skills and strong initiative.”

When asked about the objectives of the program, Spezia commented, “We’ve exclusively focused on the Engineering and Finance functions because of their integral role in our manufacturing processes and operational success. We aim to develop a pipeline of versatile talent for future bench strength. We hope that the interns will have an exciting time with us!”

Throughout the program, several roundtable discussions were held bi-weekly to further enrich the internship experience. Interns were invited to learn from several guest speakers about various topics including an overview of AMETEK’s strategic vision and mission, discussion of career path options at AMETEK, operational excellence and lean initiatives, and AMETEK sustainability and diversity.

Operational Excellence provided the interns with valuable information on existing improvement initiatives and training opportunities that AMETEK offers. Topics on sustainability and diversity & inclusion described AMETEK’s current sustainability efforts and plans to continue fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Part of the roundtable events also included a networking discussion about Finance and Engineering Career Paths. This allowed the interns to engage with various leaders across the businesses and were able to describe their work history, fields of study, and allowed the interns to understand the various job opportunities that AMETEK offers.

Our Engineering and Finance interns have had a robust experience at their respective business units to date. As the program concludes in the coming weeks, here is some feedback from the interns on their Internship experience:

  • Based in the Engineering department at AMETEK Engineered Medical Components [EMC] in Eden Prairie is Bernardo de Barros Barreto Costa Machado from Purdue University. His feedback about the program, “So far, I really like working at AMETEK because of the flexibility as well as the many learning opportunities I have had during my time here.”

    Noah Dougherty placed in the Finance department at AMETEK EMC from the University of Minnesota summarizes, “AMETEK’s internship program has been a great way to spend my summer, and I would highly recommend it to any student who is looking for a hands-on internship which will allow them to gain important real-world experience and contribute with meaningful work.”

  • At AMETEK Engineered Interconnect and Packaging [EIP] Engineering department in New Bedford is Devesh Mehra from Purdue University, “I appreciate how this internship has given me the freedom to explore different aspects of the AMETEK facilities particularly here at AEGIS, Devesh states.”

    Maddy Yoshizaki from Villanova University in Engineering placed with AMETEK EIP in Rosemead, California commented, “I’ve enjoyed the internship so far because I feel as I am part of the engineering team and I get to work alongside them on their actual projects.”

  • At AMETEK Specialty Metal Products [SMP] in Collegeville is Merrin Pickford in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Merrin explains, “The internship program is set up to specifically benefit the interns. I think assigning a mentor and the supervisor is a great idea and makes it easy to ask questions and receive feedback.”

    Esha Amin in the Finance department at AMETEK SMP is from the University of Pittsburgh and comments, “This program has ultimately given me a great opportunity to learn and see what concepts I’m learning in the classroom and how they apply to real life situations.”

  • Rob DiMartino from Leigh University is placed in Engineering at AMETEK COINING in Montvale and reports, “The internship program itself is a really great idea because it gives students like me the experience and knowledge about the manufacturing industry that you can’t really get in school or anywhere else. It’s very valuable.”

    At AMETEK SMP in Eighty Four is Madison Korowicki in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. She summarizes her experience: “The internship program has been really good. Everyone here is very helpful and willing to give you advice and walk you through things you don’t understand.”

    In the Finance department in Lancaster is Alexander Toro from Villanova University. He said, “I really enjoy being in a manufacturing environment with tangible products in front of me and translating that into the Finance world.”

Future internship opportunities will be posted on our career’s website. We are excited to kick off recruitment at our target universities this fall. Keep an eye on the latest updates here:!

Engineered Materials Interconnects & Packaging division of AMETEK Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electronic connectors and electrical packaging designed to protect sensitive electronic devices in critical applications for aerospace, industrial, petrochemical, subsea, and telecommunications industries. The businesses also specialize in custom cable assemblies and interconnects for medical devices and are a leader in specialty metal alloys, powdered and clad metals, strip, and foils.