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Hydraulic Lines

Superior Tube is a leading supplier of hydraulic tubes to the aerospace industry where our products are deployed in the engines and airframes of both commercial and military aircraft. Our thin wall tubes are used to actuate flight control surfaces such as flaps and slats, and are also crucial components in landing gear and brakes.

The high quality tubes we manufacture provide the extra force required to move large control surfaces that bear heavy aerodynamic loads, and are critical to the safe operation of the aircraft. As such they have a high strength to weight ratio. Their effectiveness is important when it comes to aircraft operating costs, particularly where fuel consumption is concerned.

Superior Tube supplies high temperature hydraulic tubes as straight lengths, primarily made from the following materials:

Stainless steels - 21-6-9 (welded), 347, 321, 304/304L
Nickel alloys - 600, 625, 718 (high temperature)

Our hydraulic tubes range in size from 0.125” to 1.5” outside diameter. Wall thickness varies between 0.016” and 0.065”.

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