Superior Tube hold joint seminar on the importance of high performance tubes in hostile conditions

Superior Tube and Fine Tubes co-hosted a seminar on 1st October in Houston, to discuss the importance of high performance tubes in projects involving hostile conditions. The seminar was an opportunity to share our learnings alongside Superior Tube’s experts.

Speakers drew on the two companies’ 150 years of knowledge of super critical applications in the oil and gas sector to present ‘The added value of high specification tubing in a ‘Fit and Forget’ environment of mission critical applications’.

High demand for oil and gas means energy companies must explore tougher environments for production, which requires new levels of instrumentation quality. Superior Tube supplies both onshore and offshore platform operations, producing tubing that can reduce downtime and maintenance costs, with high resistance to corrosive conditions.

Our flexible offering includes high pressure coiled and straight length tubing in a wide range of corrosion resistant austenitic, super austenitic, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, as well as titanium grades and nickel alloys. Superior Tube enhanced its portfolio with Super Duplex UNS 32750 to complement existing 22Cr Duplex products – materials which provide particularly high resistance to seawater corrosion and lower production cost, investing in specialist equipment to produce seam welded, cold redrawn and annealed tube.

Superior Tube supplies onshore and offshore platform operations

These enhanced performance tubes are suitable for low, medium, high and super high pressure applications, with ratings up to 60,000psi operating pressure. Fine Tubes and Superior Tube products are used all over the world in hostile downhole conditions, including deepwater and sour oil well projects.

The seminar outlined the huge benefits that such high performance tubing can have when producing in adverse environments. We then followed up with a Q&A session, answering questions about the use of processing exotic and high corrosion resistant alloys.

As well as the seminar, attendees were treated to ‘Birdies, Bogeys and Beer’ at Houston’s famous Blackhorse Golf Club – Fine Tubes’ and Superior Tube’s first golf tournament. The day included a healthy dose of competition (and Texas BBQ), ending with a presentation of awards for the players.

It was a great couple of days, and we hope everyone who came got some useful insight and had a lot of fun. Here’s to the next one!

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