Superior Tube volunteers for Stream Clean-up event at Perkiomen Creek

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, volunteers from Superior Tube Company teamed up with Boy Scout Troop 158 from Kimberton, to help clean up Perkiomen Creek in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. This is the second year that a Superior Tube team has helped with the creek’s annual clean-up operation. The Stream Clean-Up is one of the largest events in the region, and would not be possible without the dedicated help of sponsors and volunteers. Each year over 40 sites are chosen and assigned to the generous volunteers who give up their time to remove the trash, debris, metals, and tires that pollute the local Watershed.

Back in April 2014, over 50 volunteers from Superior Tube Company and other local corporations worked together to clean the Creek. The team cleared trash and recyclables from 44 locations along local creeks, removing 550 bags of debris, 130 tires and 3,000 pounds of scrap metal. Their efforts were captured in an award-winning video, submitted to ‘Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’, an initiative that empowers Pennsylvanians to pull together and keep their state clean and beautiful.

This year’s clean-up day presented a rather big challenge: up-righting the SS Minnow, a 22 foot, abandoned fiberglass boat that had been in the creek for many years; dragging it to the creek and hauling it up the bank to be disposed of. It was tough work, but the volunteers pulled together and made the task a success. Other materials the team removed from the creek include a 14 foot canoe, 2 steel drums, 300 pounds of metal, 150 pounds of wood, 50 bags of trash, 15 car tires, a bicycle – and a full-size soccer net, complete with metal housing!

Ben Huber, Director of Operations, commented: “We feel it’s our responsibility to play a constructive role in the communities where we operate, and a large part of that involves protecting the environment. Here at Superior Tube we’re committed to preventing pollution and the Stream Clean-Up at Perkiomen Creek was a challenging yet highly rewarding event.”

Volunteers from Superior Tube:

Alicia Mauer
Ben Huber
Brian Chapman
Devon Haupt
Gabe Abbott
Jason Zaremski
Jeff Erb
Jeff Mlynarski
 Joanne Haupt
John Peronti
Mark Salvetti
 Pat Anderson
Tim Cowperthwaite

Congratulations to everyone who volunteered, and a big thank-you for donating your time and helping keep Perkiomen Creek and the State of Pennsylvania beautiful.

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