Superior Tube celebrates its 80th Anniversary

Superior Tube, a global leader in the manufacture of precision tubing, is delighted to announce that it is celebrating its 80th anniversary. From aerospace to power stations, and oil and gas extraction to medicine, the company’s products are used in a wide range of industries where safety and reliability are critical and have improved the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Since its foundation in 1934, Superior Tube has demonstrated a proven track record in innovation and creativity. Early technological advancements in radio and broadcasting, aeronautics, atomic energy, and medicine led to a broad array of applications for Superior’s tubing. With every technological advance, Superior has adjusted itself to the new needs created, leading to a significant expansion of its manufacturing facilities and to the award of numerous patents.

Pioneers in the manufacture of the precision nickel tubing used in cathode ray tubes and hypodermic needles, Superior Tube was also the first precision tube mill to draw titanium and niobium products and manufactured the tubing used in the first cardiac stent implants. Indeed, throughout its 80 year history, the company has supplied specialist tubing to customers who have been directly involved in a number of landmark technological developments: the Manhattan Project which led to mankind first harnessing the energy of the atom; the USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered vessel; the Bell X-1, in which Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the sound barrier; and the Apollo Project which put the first man on the moon.

As part of the celebrations to mark its 80th anniversary, Superior Tube recently held an Employee Barbeque at its site in Collegeville, Pennsylvania to acknowledge the dedication of its staff, a dedication that, over the years, has made Superior Tube the company that it is today.

Bob Henry, Superior Tube’s President, commented: “Celebrating our 80th anniversary is very much a time to look both backwards and forwards – backwards to the company’s remarkable history of achievements over those years, and forward to the exciting future we face as we expand globally and continue to respond to the ever evolving needs of our customers.”

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