• Superior Tubes
    through precision engineering

  • High quality tubes for
    the toughest environments

  • Over 80 years of
    engineering excellence

  • Perfection to the
    toughest specifications


We manufacture tubes using the highest quality alloys and for a whole range of markets, and we’re constantly innovating to meet your needs.

At Superior Tube our raw materials are sourced from a carefully vetted network of approved suppliers. This not only ensures the highest quality, but also timely delivery of your order. Our team will work closely with you from initial design and appropriate material selection through to production and testing. Your success is our success.


Our tube mill can manufacture high quality tubing products using both welded or seamless processes to meet your exact specifications.

As a leading innovator in the industry, we don’t only use the latest techniques to form and finish precision tubing products – we helped develop them. Once the tubes are made, our non-destructive testing is meticulous. This ensures our products more than deliver, whether they’re used in deep subsea conditions, inside nuclear reactors, or in spacecraft far beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Superior Tube manufactures high quality, precision engineered tube products

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